To most people, filling out the Tax Pack or working your way through eTax is like pulling teeth, it has to be done but it’s painful while it lasts. That’s why less than 30% of people actually prepare their own tax return… it’s just easier to leave it to the experts. Besides, tax law is always changing and just a small error or misinterpretation could end up costing you many thousands in overpaid tax.

We specialise in maximising your deductions so you pay the right amount of tax.

Many people forget about things like working from home and computer costs which are work related. Here at DJS Accounting, we can help you claim all those bits and pieces you wouldn’t normally think about if you lodged your own tax return.

If you are travelling overseas for an extended time, or have just arrived in Australia, we can answer all of your questions to ensure you are fully informed of your tax obligations.

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